Your Social Marketing Play Book!

Do You Want To Know How To Use Social Media to Grow Your Online Business?

Do You Want To Know Exactly What To Say On Social Media… To Help Your Business?

Do You Want To Know How To Strike Up Conversations To Arouse Their Curiosity?

​​​​​​​Then this social media play book will be of help.


There are 3 basic rules that you need to keep in mind when prospecting on Social Media.

​​​​​​​Rule #1 Always make friendship your main goal.

When interacting with someone, don’t worry about how you’re going to get them to enrol. Just focus on having an enjoyable conversation. Always treat people as special individuals if you want them to join you in your business.

Rule #2 People are always asking WIIFM… What’s In It For Me

So keep the focus on THEM – Their dreams, Their Problems. If you can position your opportunity as a solution to a problem that THEY are facing, or the way to fulfil their dreams. They will be ready and excited to check it out.